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Responsible sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Rigorous Compliance Measures

In light of increasing global consumer scrutiny, Best Homey's strict compliance program ensures the highest ethical sourcing standards. The Group enforces a rigorous Supplier Code of Conduct; and in addition, all sourcing teams undergo extensive training to gain the awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements. Systematic inspections, audits and comprehensive vender education ensure production from socially responsible suppliers.

A dedicated proponent of social responsibility, Best Homey is an active member of Business for Social Responsibility and the Global Labor Law Database. The Group also participates in the United Nations' Global Compact initiative to promote human rights, labor welfare and awareness of the environment.

Since 2005, Best Homey is also included for the first time as a constituent member of the 
FTSE4Good Index Series from FTSE Group (UK) recognizing Best Homey's commitment to high corporate social responsibility standards.